Pakistan Social centre Sharjah Super Six Cricket Tournament starting from 2nd December 2016


Dubai:  uaepress/30-11-2016

UAE is a country that is revered dearly not only by its local inhabitants but adored by millions of foreign communities who have lived here for decades.  This is the spirit and love demonstrated by every community celebrating UAE’s National Day in its own special ways. Chaudhry Amjad Iqbal, Director of the Pakistan Social Center, hit a new benchmark in uniqueness of National Day celebrations by elegantly blending sports with a pleasant evening of festivity. He has announced a cricket tournament on Dec 2nd as a display of honor and salute of respect to the sandy land of the Emirates which he referred to as his second home. Chaudhry Amjad Iqbal has a charismatic appeal among the cricket lovers of Dubai and his brand of “Al Etihad” cup is a successful one in the sports circuit of UAE. This is probably the reason he has been tasked to oversee sports activities on behalf of the Pakistani Social Center . President Khalid Hussain Chaudhry has embraced this initiative with open arms expressing full support for this tournament to be successful.amjad-iqbal

The tournament will have its last three games, the semi-finals and the final, played on December 9th. According to Chaudhry Amjad Iqbal, the final affair to be held on December 9th follows a lavish closing ceremony. The ceremony is expected to have an aroma of spices in the air because organizers have planned a BBQ night after the ceremony. The prize money is set to be at AED3000 and only one winner will take away the cash prize. This initiative of the Pakistan Social Center will definitely represent the true affection the Pakistani community holds for the UAE and is a commendable effort. Pakistan Social centre Sharjah Super Six Cricket Tournament is full supported and Sponser by Red Bull Energy Drinks.


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